In order to achieve its objectives, the following main duties have been identified:

            ·    To ensure the development of forests, to protect them against any illegal interventions, natural disasters, fires  and invasive pests, and carry out necessary controls in this regard.

· To manage forests in accordance with technical, socio-cultural, ecological and economic requirements by safeguarding the sustainability of forest products and services; to carry out the works and procedures regarding production, transportation and storage of forest products and to market these products at home and abroad, and to provide vehicles and equipment necessary for forestry activities.

·      To restore and rehabilitate forests and to ensure silvicultural maintenance and regeneration of forests;

·      To carry out the works and procedures related to forest ownership, cadastre, permission and easement;

·      To establish revolving capital enterprises related to the issues required for forestry services. 

·      To provide any prevocational and in-service training programmes necessary for the profession; to establish training institutions and social facilities, as well as schools to train personnel.

·     To carry out any works regarding research, inventory, printing and publishing, advertising and projects related to its services, and to implement the approved ones.

·   To purchase or rent any equipment, land, building and facility in order to carry out the services rapidly and efficiently and to ensure their maintenance and repair.  

To perform the similar tasks specified identified by the relevant legislation and the Ministry. 

Our Mission

Our fundamental mission is to protect forest resources against any threats and danger, to develop forest resources in a nature-friendly manner and to achieve sustainable forest management at a level that will provide far-reaching sustainable benefits for society in ecosystem integrity. 

Our Vision

Our vision is to be an esteemed and transparent institution which is sensitive and responsive to humanity, nature and environment and provides sustainable forest management.