1-Advisory and Inspection Units

    • Department of Inspection
    • Internal Auditing Unit
    • Legal Consultancy
    • Strategy Development Department

    2-Main Units

    • Department of Combating Forest Pest
    • Department of Forest Fire Combating
    • Department of Forest Cadastre and Ownership
    • Forest  Management and Planning Department
    • Forest Production and Marketing Department
    • Department of Silviculture
    • Department of Afforestation
    • Department of Soil Conservation and Watershed Rehabilitation
    • Department  of Nursery and Seed
    • Department of Non-Wood Forest Products and Services
    • Department of Forest-Village Relations
    • Department of Construction and Procurement
    • Department of Permission and Easement

    3-Supporting Units

    • Personel Department
    • Administrative and Financial Affairs Department
    • Foreign Relations, Training and Research Department
    • Information System Department
    • Private Secretariat
    • Public Information Department



    • Western Mediterranean Forest Research Institute
    • Western Black Sea Forest Research Institute
    • Central Anatolia Forest Research Institute
    • Eastern Mediterranean Forest Research Institute
    • Eastern Black Sea Forest research Institute
    • Eastern Anatolia Forest Research Institute
    • Aegean Forestry Research Institute
    • South-eastern Anatolia Forest Research Institute
    • Poplar and Fast-Growing Forest Trees Research Institute 
    • Forest Tree Breeding and Seeds Research Institute 
    • Forest Soil and Ecology Research Institute
    • Marmara Forest Research Institute


    1-Regional Directorates of Forestry

    2-Forest District Directorates

    3-Forest Nursery Directorates

    4-Chief Engineering

    5-Forest Sub-district Directorates

    6-Other sub-districts