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Vehicle and Material Grants for Bosnia-Herzegovina Federation

Technical delegation visits and trainings on forestry issues are held between the two sister countries in the framework of the "Mutual Reconciliation in Forestry Cooperation" signed with the Bosnia Herzegovina Forestry Association in 2010.

During the technical visits of the Forest Protection Experts of General Directorate to Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2017, officials of the Bosnian-Herzegovina Forestry Union requested training, technical support, tools and equipment from the General Directorate on forest fires and tree plantations.
This request of Bosnia-Herzegovina has been welcomed positively and our General Directorate decided to grant Bosnia-Herzegovina with 2 fire extinguishers, 2 mini digger loaders, one fire first intervention vehicle, radio, binoculars, fire resistant clothes and equipment necessary for the establishment of an insect production laboratory. Following this, the decision of the Council of Ministers dated 15.08.2017 and numbered 2017/10732 was taken for granting the said vehicle equipment and materials to Bosnia-Herzegovina. After the decision, vehicles and materials were provided by the related departments and sent to Bosnia-Herzegovina on 22.04.2018. Vehicles and supplies reached Bosnia and Herzegovina's Mostar Customs Office on 27.04.2017 and reseived by Konjic, Donji Vakuf; Prenj Forest Directorates and Japanica Municipality.
In addition, the construction of the Sarajevo City Forest, which is being made as a grant  in Sarajevo has reached its final stage. Social facilities, such as country coffehouse, toilets, playgrounds and entrance guard clubs, which are entirely made of wood, will be brought into use following the completion of infrastructure construction.




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